Wallpaper - Adding depth to your space without using furniture

Wallpaper is widely used throughout many design spaces. However; what sets a timeless wall paper apart from a look that will date?

Do I do one wall… or all my walls?

Depending on the space, the choice of wallpaper or the budget will determine how you apply the wallpaper in the room.

It is important you hold the selected paper in the room and on the wall to assess how it will look in the space.

Depending on the light, sometimes the pattern can disappear from the paper if the light does not capture it correctly.

Large Patterns and colours

Large patterns and colours limit you… however bold designs can encourage energy in the room and give the feeling of movement. I call it instant gratification.

Remember: patterns and colour will take up space not only in the room but how your mind perceives the space.

If possible, try to use the smallest wall in a long narrow room. If this is not the wall you require; you may need to look at using a smaller pattern with a more neutral colour palette.

If you are going in the one wall direction, it is important to give the wall selected some space and not to clutter it with too many furniture items.  This will only create a feeling of confusion.

If the room is large and you select one wall using a dominate wall paper, you will need to balance the space to help it along.  Balance can be achieved with a similar percentage of colour eg lounge or pattern eg rugs and cushions.

You may only need this to achieve your desired look, as it will dominate the room.

Plains and Textures

Plains or textures offer flexibility that enables you to build on your space like adding artwork or mirrors to the wall.

If your space is small or cluttered, try to select plains and textures that can be used on all walls. If you decide to focus on one wall in the room, remember it should be the wall you can see as you enter the room.

There is no point spending money on a wall that you can not see unless you physically turn around.

The wall you see can also give you opportunity to build on your scheme with the use of rugs, cushions and artwork. These can act as your accent pieces that in time you may change to complete an entirely different look.

It also may help with adjoining rooms and their schemes.

A paper that I like to use in many of my Interiors is called Grass Cloth, or a Grass Cloth look-a-like.

These papers add texture, colour and feel without restriction. They are beautiful, natural looking wallpapers that will adapt to a modern, contemporary or traditional style. They come in many colours, usually natural neutral shades.

Harlequin Anthology 01 wallpaper as featured in the picture offers a great grass cloth look without the frayed edges when joined.  If you prefer a more natural look such as grass cloth made from hemp, arrowroot, jute or sea grass; they are available on our online store www.idesigninteriors4u.com.au.

Harlequin Papers compliment any style creating sophistication with the use of limited pattern or textures, and introducing metallics such as copper and silver.

This creates movement and interest without having to be a specific colour.

What ever your style, wallpaper will certainly compliment any space and create a depth of feel to the room that a paint colour can not quite achieve. 

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